Garage interior occupant door self closer

Do you report when self closer is missing from garage interior occupant door? I have yet to see one installed. I don’t report as a defect but add recommendation as improvement.

It needs immediate repair and the door must be fire proof and gas proof too.

. I always do

My 17 year old house has a NYS residential code [R309]required “3/4 hour fire protection rated door assembly equipped with a self-closing device.” This is usually the identical requirement of the IRC.

If I remember correctly, IRC took that requirement out at the last change. It is no longer there but I still recommend them as a safety upgrade.

My home was built in 1967, the garage floor is even with my office floor, the door is gasketed, and I’ll be damned if I will let that door hit me in the *** as I go in my garage. :wink:

If codes are made for idiots, so be it.

Oh, I forgot, I managed a whole bunch of those in my career. :mrgreen:

Yes, I do write it to CMA. :slight_smile:

For Michigan residential codes 2009, it’s not a requirement. I still add it as a recommended safety enhancement. I added self closing to my door because I got tired of the kids not shutting the door and heating/cooling the exterior.

The NBC states:
**[FONT=Helvetica-Black][size=2] Doors between Garages and Dwelling Units

  1. [/size][/FONT][FONT=PalatinoLinotype][size=2]A door between an attached or built-in garage and a [/size][/FONT]*[FONT=PalatinoLinotype,Italic][size=2]dwelling unit *[/size][/FONT][FONT=PalatinoLinotype][size=2]shall be tight
    fitting and weather-stripped to provide an effective barrier against the passage of gas
    and exhaust fumes and shall be fitted with a self-closing device.
    [FONT=Helvetica-Black][size=2]Fire seperation is not required.**[/size][/FONT]*[FONT=PalatinoLinotype,Italic][size=2]

Not true in all area’s Roy, Perhaps up there but not here. should be but not enforced.

It’s not required here and it doesn’t make it into my report

Not required in SC. I don’t mention it.

I have never seen one installed on a house in my area, so I do not call them out.

Alberta is very strict as the weather is harsh. The reason for the self closer is because of people warming there cars up during the winter. Not a problem in the South. I recommend them here also.

I also recommend them. I can think of at least a couple instances that have made the news down here where people have died due to having left their cars running inside the garage and the door was either not equipped with a self-closing device or was purposely propped open. All garage doors in this area (new homes especially) come with them.


Multi-Family = YES
Single Family = No (unless it happens to be in a local jurisdiction that I know requires it.)

If it has self-closing hinges and they don’t have enough tension to close the door from a 90° open position, I write it up as out of adjustment regardless of the dwelling type.

Oh I should mention that it is in our 2006 OBC the one we now use for all houses after 2012.

I quoted the 2010 NBC Kevin. It is the current standard in Canada and superceeds any other building code unless The requirement is higher than the NBC.

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[FONT=Georgia]Carbon monoxide from car left running 20 hours in garage kills Wyckoff woman [/FONT]

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An 82-year-old Wyckoff woman’s son found her dead, the apparent victim of carbon monoxide from a car left running in a garage nearly 20 hours.

Steven Ringley went to the Covington Place house around 12:20 this afternoon after his mother, Mary J. Ringley, didn’t answer phone calls, Police Chief Benjamin Fox said.
He “entered the house through the closed garage door [and] found her car running inside,” the chief said.
Ringley told police he went into the house and found his mother on the floor of a bedroom above the garage.
Wyckoff firefighters found carbon monoxide levels above 1000 parts per million — more than 28 times the level considered toxic, Fox said. There were no carbon monoxide detectors in the home, he said.
Fox said Mrs. Ringley arrived home around 4 o’clock yesterday and apparently lef the car running.
The Bergen County Medical Examiner’s Office is participating in an investigation to determine an official cause of death, the chief said.
[FONT=Calibri] [/FONT]

Yes I know this is in the NBC and I only mentioned it for Ontario to show those Inspecting that you should report as a defect according to new code standards. However you do not mention the code in your report.