Self closing door

Does anybody can tell me if in Florida, the fire door that communicates garage and living space, has to be self closing or not. Is this mandated or in codes? I’ve been writting this up in my reports but I’ve been told this is not mandated.


regardless, it is a safety hazard if it is not auto-closing.

It is not required in jurisdictions following the IRC, however, each city or municipality often has their own requirements.

If you feel it’s important enough to call it out, then do so. Just don’t report it as “required.” Report it as “recommended.”

It is not considered a safety hazard around here. I suppose an auto-closer could be recommended for enhanced safety but I don’t.

Thanks guys. I guess, in my case, changing a word (required for recommended) would change the whole perspective, would it not?

Thanks again.

Yes. It would. . .

IMO, a safety hazard without a self-closing door.
In the event of fire, products of combustion could easily migrate into the living quarters if the door is left open.

The IRC does not agree with you. .


**R309.1 Opening protection. **Openings from a private garage directly into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be permitted. Other openings between the garage and residence shall be equipped with a 45-minute fire rated door assembly equipped with a self-closing device.

The underlined words are added to or changed in the 2001 IRC in the New York version of the code.

The 2003 IRC (non-NY version) requires only a 20-minute door and no mention is made of a self-closing device.

Your version may vary.

The 2006 IRC does not state the use of self-closure being required.
The Massachusetts 7th Edition of the State Building Code (which is based in part on the 2003 IRC) does not require self - closing devise and in fact states
“Self-closing devices and fire-resistive-rated door frames are not required…”

When in doubt call the local building officals.