Garage lintel inspections feedback

I’m having trouble with properly inspecting garage lintels. You guys helped me out with one several days ago that I thought wasn’t that bad, but after reading your comments I realized that I was dead wrong. So now I’m a little hesitant when it comes to this topic.

The brick veneer is in good shape, but in the pictures you can see the lintel is starting to separate from the mortar. The house was built in 1995, so I don’t feel like this is a big deal, but wanted to get an expert opinion. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I know the garage door panel is damaged.

Very common. The builder does not want to spend the money for the crane to lift the proper sized steel lintel into place. So, they buy an undersized piece of steel and have a few laborers lift it instead. They save money on the steel and crane and the home buyer be damned. Definitely refer to a structural engineer.