Garage Lintel

Can anyone tell me what would be the cause for a 1/2" stairstep gap in the exterior brick. This is dead center above the garage coming from the lintel and. Biggest part of crack at the bottom and getting smaller as the crack goes up. Who should be contacted for the repair and what is envolved in repairing this.

have any pics?

first thing that comes to mind is an inadequately supported lintel, or at least was at one time

if this is still the case, a qualified carpenter or framer could fix the lintel

mason could tuckpoint the cracks

other factors could come into play, though

if this is one of many signs of settling, then that opens up a whole new can

pic(s) would be nice

how old’s of a house?

yes how do I attach it and send. i can send it to you e-mail.

The house is only 7 yrs. Old

Center span between supports at the bottom of a lintel or beam is where the greatest tension is present. The tension is causing the crack.

Center span between supports at the top of a lintel or beam is where the greatest compression is present. The combined compression and tension cause the “V” shape of the crack.

A classic example of inadequate design strength of a beam or lintel is the presence of the “V” crack at center-span bottom.

So the simple answer is “inadequate design strength.”

Design strength can be increased or decreased in many ways to over come tension and/or compression forces - support spacing, strapping or reinforcing of the beam/lintel, etc.

The long and short is that it should be deferred to a qualified contractor or perhaps an engineer.

Some basics on exterior cracks:

Always defer to a specialist for your specific needs.


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This definitely sounds like the lintel is not heavy enough angle iron ,or the framing was not constructed heavy enough.The slab (foundation) isn’t cracked in the garage area is it?