Garage slab crack

Home built in 1960 on slab. Large crack appears to be due to settlement but wanted to get your opinions. TIA

crack in garage.jpg

Yeah, that’s one of many possibilities, thus the reason why an inspector should never attempt to diagnose and/or prescribe repairs!

Not enough data in that one photograph to draw any meaningful conclusions…


Oh! Yes there is.
That is a significant crack .
I for sure would refer to a foundation engineer…Oh ! Yes!
Just look at it…

That’s not a diagnosis, which was my point and my response to “is it settlement…” (to answer the OP’s question)

Are you sure?
Why wouldn’t it be expansion? Huh?

Yes, I’m 100% certain that there’s insufficient data in that 1 posted photo to accurately diagnose the cause of the crack.

I can see that is has cracked, that’s about it.

And re-read my response.

I never said is was settlement. I said I can’t answer the “is it settlement” question.

Then what would your narrative be?

Looks like a crack… bla bla bla repaired by qualified Contractor… bla

Similar to what Brian stated.
Unless I saw more while onsite (very possible that there are more signs or other symptoms.)

Crack or fault line?

The gap under the door indicates something is moving up or down. I carry a golf ball in my bag to quickly locate low spots on a slab. If warranted I break out the laser level. But in the end you have to put all the clues together to determine the cause, if possible. Most garage slabs that float within the foundation wall usually have some movement due to poor subgrade compaction, but there could be a combination of reasons.

Thank you all.

Blah, blah, blah.
It’s a significant crack and defer to an engineer for further evaluation.