Garage slab is post tension... and No bollard post for water heater

Hi All,
Something I run into… and is always an issue. How do you recommend a bollard post be installed in a garage with a post tension slab?!? If you can’t cut or core into a post tension slab, how can you drill and install an bollard?! Water heater in garage path of car parking, etc.

Yes, yes… I know, the slab can x-rayed, etc. under supervision by an engineer, etc. but I don’t think many want to pay for doing that.

Are there any Bollard products out there that have a solution for this??!
Any help… or links, greatly appreciated!

There are many solutions but it is not our place to specify. Suggest protection for the water heater and leave the implementation of your recommendations to those with the skills and knowledge to design and to fabricate it.

The likely solution won’t look like your standard bollard, which is only mounted to the slab and must withstand an incredible bending moment and shear forces. An engineer would look at and take into consideration the adjacent walls and ceiling joists and design a simple and effective way to mount a protective device.


It may not have to be a bollard, just a barrier. Here is Georgia, a simple framed partition wall is sufficient. I would start with the requirement and work backwards.

But just as @bhull1 stated, we are to identify the defect. The cure is up to someone else.

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Brian, are you saying the solution is to protect your water tank with another water tank ? :wink:


Just trying to think outside the box… Ermm… Tank :smile:

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There are other ways to locate tendons or rebar in a slab.

A metal detector.

That could work. I was thinking GPR. My previous employer did this all the time. I think this was the machine they have.

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