To bollard or not to bollard?

Question for everyone…
The pictured water heater and furnace are installed on top of the concrete foundation wall in the back of the garage. They are elevated the proper > 18" from the garage floor but there is no bollard installed. This is a 2002 build. My question is…because they are installed on the concrete, did the builder think it was ok not to install a bollard? Is a bollard still needed?

The 18" height requirement is for ‘flammable vapors’, not ‘protection from physical damage from vehicles’. Two seperate requirements. Both are required.

Does not look to me you can hit anything up that high.

You were there. Call it based on your observations, not building codes.

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My Ram 1500 4x4 would destroy that furnace and WH.

So would my tractor! Bollard or no bollard… Point?

OP was there. He should make the call, not us armchair inspectors.

Thank you gentlemen, after reviewing your posts I have decided to take into account that the height of a bollard is 36" and the current height of the concrete footer in which the appliances are installed on not 36" and will not substitute having a bollard(s) in place. I am recommending a bollard be installed by a licensed and qualified contractor.

Thank you for the help!

What if the garage slab is post tension??? And you can’t drill into or cut slab but still wish to recommend a bollard for a water heater or furnace???

A concrete parking space block would work well in this situation.

Drilling or cutting the slab wouldn’t make any difference unless there is room under it. The concrete is as strong as it’s going to get by now. Cutting a post tention cable at this point wouldn’t hurt a thing.