Garage to bedroom conversion

I was in a home today, and they converted the garage with the gas furnace and gas furnace still located in the room, I am hoping for some advice on what the potential issues may be.

I could not see any wall space in the garage conversion. So i cannot verify about electrical. There was a window that had been added. Due to stored items and cant verify height of window.

The room is currently a bedroom with two beds in it and closets. However I was unable to open the closet doors due to furnishings.

I am recommending “Due to furnishings we are unable to fully view electrical, interior and closets of conversion. Recommend having a licensed contractor further examine garage conversion before closing”

I am worried if there should be major safety issues due to the furnace and water heater being in a “BEDROOM”. The potential buyer is going to be renting the house out.

Can somebody please give a little advice.

Here is what I found here, hope it helps:

[FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial]Section 304.5 of the Uniform Mechanical Code states: “Fuel burning equipment shall not be installed in a closet, bathroom, or a room readily usable as a bedroom, or in a room, compartment or alcove opening directly into any of these.”



The link that you provided appears to be from Nebraska, Would this pertain just to Lincoln Nebraska or would it also apply to me in another state? How would i know if it applies to more than just the listed city/county or state?

Which state are you in? Page 3 seems to show that it is a Uniform code for all states.

Surely you’re aware that a fuel fired furnace and/or water heater are not allowed to be installed in a bedroom, no matter where the bedroom is located.

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