Water Heater in Garage

Water Heaters within a Garage need to be 18 inches off the floor.

What about Water Heaters within a Closet within the Garage?

Same recommendation?

obvious by the bollard within the closet it’s considered within the garage
nothing wrong with including a “safety enhancement recommendation/advisement”

I agree with Barry , what about supply air though?

IMO, yes… as that closet doesn’t appeared to be sealed from garage area and having it’s own comb./exh air source.

I wonder how it was originally set up? Bollard still in place, just some sleepers… maybe was rebuilt funky after some water damage or upgrades?

This is new construction…

Yes, it does appear that it should be elevated. See 2006 IRC G2408.2 and associated Commentary. It’s kind of long but I suppose I could copy and paste it here if you need it.

That is an FVIR unit they are designed to be put on the floor in a garage. The call to raise it now lays with the local AHJ and the codes they go by.

additional picture of the heater
maybe approved,
will note and let someone else figure it out

See highlighted section:

M1307.3 Elevation of ignition source. Appliances having an
ignition source shall be elevated such that the source of ignition
is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the floor in garages.
For the purpose of this section, rooms or spaces that are not part
of the living space of a dwelling unit and that communicate
with a private garage through openings shall be considered to
be part of the garage.


I would write up the gas line to be rerouted away from the flue. IMO Only.

That flue does not look concentric to me from here.

In my area, anything with a sealed burner does not have to be elevated.

Absolutely. Some jurisdictions will allow FVIR to be on the floor of a garage. However, if the AHJ requires elevation of the water heater (FVIR or not), the closet will be subject to the same requirements if the door opens into the garage. Some exceptions (per AHJ) are allowed when/if the door is fire-rated, completely sealed and self-closing.

As for the gas line, appliances are not “pipe supports.” The piping should be secured and supported according to local regulations and manufactures requirements.

Door was hollow core
without closure or seal

Basically… kindling! :mrgreen:

Locally AHJ’s do not consider newer water heaters, which are required to be FVIR type since 2003, to be an “ignition source” that needs to be elevated in a garage (or adjacent spaces considered part of the garage). I agree with that. So from a safety point of view I dont see a problem.

Now what your local code requires is another story. The code is what the inspector says the book requires … not whats actually written in the book … :wink: