Garbage disposal on a septic system

Yea or nay?

get rid of it


Bad idea,168475,168475

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It’s common knowledge here in the land of no public sewers that food scraps will plug up a septic system over time.

They do make one that is designed to be used with a septic system.

Yes, I believe it is supposed to grind things smaller in order to decompose quicker.

We like our compost pile…great for the garden in short order. :slight_smile:

My uncles and cousins in Texas have been using garbage disposers with their septic tanks for 40+ years. Never a problem. In 2002 I told them about my success with the septic system bacteria and now they all use that to. Septic tank pumpings have been pushed back from every four years or so to every six to eight years.

As with anything, proper education is the key to a continued useful septic system. Used in an inappropriate manner, a garbage disposal can cause issues with your septic system. On the other hand, when it is used appropriately, it does not cause any problems whatsoever.

I have used one on my septic system since March, 1990 and have not had any issues with my tank. In that 23 years it has been pumped 4 times and is not due for another couple years.

To arbitrarily say that it is a bad idea is nothing more than a lack of knowledge of the system. It does not harm anything when used correctly.

For the benefit of everyone reading your post… I feel it would be appropriate for you to elaborate on your statements made in red above. Your post means nothing without including your definitions for the stated words. Supporting sources would also be appropriate.

Garbage Disposals and Septic Systems

If a garbage disposal discharges into a septic tank, it can place significant strain on the septic system. The amount of waste that enters the tank, particularly grease and suspended solids, will increase considerably. This load increase requires that the septic tank be pumped more often than would otherwise be required. The New York Septic Code counts the presence of a garbage disposal the same as an extra room in a house when they estimate the load placed on a septic tank. The additional strain will also reduce the life span of the septic system. Septic systems can be designed to accommodate food waste but, in general, they are not.

From Garbage Disposals for Inspectors - InterNACHI

Modern garbage disposals that automatically inject the proper amount and type of enzymes and bacteria have been in use for years. These disposals are not your mothers’ disposals. These can practically puree a brick.

Here in NH if a garbage disposal is installed (new construction) the tank size must be increased by 50%.

In Maine an effluent filter must be installed in the outlet baffle.