Please proof this new article on inspecting garbage disposals.

Food waste decomposes no matter if goes.

Is the burden on the sewer system not a bigger burden, considering the chemicals, electricity, and water used to treat it??

“Garbage disposals reduce the severity of these problems by routing food waste into septic systems or sewers instead of landfills.”

Where do you think the sewer department takes the solids after they have been separated from the water/septic system?

Who wrote that?

Al Gore or Carol Browner?

Seems to be sugeesting all food be stuffed into the garbage disposal, rather than tossed. Carefull with that pasta, potato peels, rice,etc…

Not to mention leftover pizza, chineese food, chicken…

Hate to see someone jamming all that down the disposal. Unless I was in the disposal selling business. :slight_smile:

No, Al Gore did not write it, but he did give it the thumbs up. Due to popular demand, I amended the article. And Rick, I threw in potato peels as well.

No onions, corn, meat of any kind. Find a disposal instruction book and read it. I prefer to not have disposals hard-wired through walls. Should have a plug and outlet so you can un-plug in emergencies/service. Make sure disposal hammers on the rotating plate are loose, and in the proper positions. Look for rusted cutters, and rust holes in the rotating plate. Install/replace rubber sink guard if large/worn in size for safety.

In Seattle, we are to throw our food waste in with our yard waste.

Throw food waste in with regular trash, and trash police catch you, you’re in big trouble.

I, therefore, slam everything down the disposal. Now, if it would only grind up those pesky cans and bottles I am forced to recycle, I would be a happy camper.

Why do people stay there?

Garbage Disposals and Septic Systems

If a garbage disposal discharges into a septic tank, it can place significant strain on the septic system. The amount of waste that enters the tank, particularly grease and suspended solids, will increase considerably. This load increase requires that the septic tank be pumped more often than would otherwise be required. The New York Septic Code counts the presence of a garbage disposal the same as an extra room in a house when they estimate the load placed on a septic tank. The additional strain will also reduce the life span of the septic system. Septic systems can be designed to accommodate food waste but, in general, they are not.

Point/counterpoint -

If the home has a septic system & the client wants a garbage disposal I recommend one of these.

Rob, did you write this article?

Nice and quick editing job.:smiley: