Garden Hose ???

What to do with those old garden hoses. It flexable, easy to install & I think the NEC should add to the 2008 additions.

I would rank this setup in my top 10 of handyman hazards.

The basement was partially finished with labels from alcohol bottles.

Lets get drunk & screw…up the electrical system.

93107 044 (Small).jpg

93107 049 (Small).jpg

93107 045 (Small).jpg


So much effort was made, it would have been easier to do it right. What is that, pie pan light? Is the aluminum foil grounded?



That is a Jeff Foxworthy joke

you know that thought crossed my mind as well

If you run out of conduit and use your garden hose…

Speaking of garden hoses. This is what I found on a cabin by the lake. They were utilizing a pump in order to obtain domestic water from the lake.

“Click to Enlarge”

If you have Garden Hose and aluminium foil being used as a light in your basement…you might be a Redneck.

You might be a REDNECK if our child’s first words are “Attention K-Mart shoppers!” or…
you stand under the mistletoe at christmas and wait for Granny and cousin Sue-Ellen to walk by.

That is yankee thinking
Redneck kids say “Welcome to Wal-mart y’all”