New use for a garden hose--conduit!

Some houses you pull up to, you just shake your head cause you know you’re in for a world of hurt…

I like how they bonded the pipes/heater. LOL

WoW! Truly and creatively Stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:

It better than nothing !

Too funny, what’s worse is that I’ve seen similar uses for garden hose.

DIW, doing it wrong.

Not new. Stupid people have been doing this for decades. Wait until you find one used as conduit buried in the yard just below the surface or better yet laying on top the ground. Pay particular attention for sheds, pools, etc that have power but no visible signs of the source. You are gonna see ALL KInDS of crazy crap! Have fun but be safe.

At least they insulated the bottom 2" of the plumbing, works for me.