Gas & Electric Hot water Tank ????

This is the first time I have seen a gas fueled hot water tank with a electric element.

Unit has a power vent.

I dont quite understand this setup as I usually see either electric or gas.


69906 Seven Hills 020 (Small).jpg

The electric runs the power vent system, and the gas provides the burner heat!

I can say I have never run into a water heater of that style, it appears to have a tank mounted thermostat like on an electric WH but I don’t see an element. That may be the way they operate the temp. for the gas valve.

Is that TPR piping I spy on the right side of the unit? Interesting.

Would this be a timing device for the gas?

i don’t believe so, it looks exactly like a thermostat from an electric water heater, it has a robertshaw electronic ignition control but you can not see the element that would be right near it. The gas valve does not appear to be screwed into the tank, so I have to lean toward temp control.

I agree with Daniel.

Looks as if it has a temp limit unit, maybe for more accurate water temp and feedback for efficiency and or safety. The common W.H. gas metering controls have a vague scale with no temperature settings so maybe this setup is more geared toward a better control system.