Gas fired water heater question

I found a gas fired water heater that has its vent traveling directly in front of a bath window. Any issues with the unit one beinging installed in that position(in front of a window) other than egress and two the vent traveling directly in front of that window.

Found this: Can anyone confirm this? [FONT=Arial][size=1]
• 9” minimum horizontally from or above any door, window or gravity
air inlet into the building (50,000 BtuH input or less.)

I think the clearance is for the outlet, not the actual duct, so if it terminates and outlets too close to the window its a problem, but the vent going near the window, i believe, is ok.

Bathroom windows are not usually egress windows. Especially that high off the ground. I see the big issue here is the water heater being installed in a bathroom.