Rinnai in bedroom.

Today I ran across a direct vented Rinnai WH in a bedroom. Since it is direct vented, that should be ok, right?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Did you check the make/model installation instructions? Google is pretty fast. :slight_smile:

Good idea. Thanks!

Combustion air?

It is too close to that window.

Direct vent.

As I interpret my gas code if it has sealed combustion the appliance is allowed, as in not prohibited, notwithstanding the window issue.
Was it propane of natural gas?
That tankless water heater is probably quite noisy for a bedroom, gonna light every time someone opens a hot water faucet.
Recommend designating the water heater bedroom the mother in law suite.

This is from the installation manual.

Where is the venting?

I had the plumbing saved in my graphics, I’d have to look up the venting, If memory serves me correctly vent is to be at least 3 feet from operable window or door.

I stand corrected it is 12" in USA.

Venting requirements.

Maintenance procedure.
Edit: Some of them require a condensate drain as well.