Outside Hot Water Heater With Vent Pipe Outside Kitchen Window

Hello again,

I found a situation that I need some clarification on. An enclosed outside water heater has a solid vent pipe that begins one foot below and away from a kitchen window that can open. The solid pipe extends all the way up to the roof and is a minimum of two feet above it. It is properly capped. The placement of the water in front of that window was done because of lack of space elsewhere and moving it would be really expensive.
How would you call it?


I don’t see it as an issue.

It’s enclosed and (from what you’ve stated) properly vented. What’s the problem?


Make sure it’s properly braced / supported and has adequate clearance from combustibles

I guess the proximity to the window and possible CO leakage into the home.


Ok so it’s enclosed and vented above the roof. Why would this be any different than a water heater installed in an indoor utility closet or room? Not a problem as I see it.