Gas fireplace exhaust

I see the safety issue in these being too close but is there a code stating this? I don’t tthink these are a very good idea. :shock:

Hmm …I do not see a issue.
What is your worry?

No moisture cover on outlet, disconnect to close to the flue, IMO it is questionable about space from the condenser

I see no issue here except for the third pic where I agree with Wayne.

Disconnect is to close to Flue?
Go to pull plastic disconnect and box is too hot to touch or daily over heating of box from flue causes plastic parts inside to corrode faster. I’ll write it up as I se it.
Thanks Peeps.

Then why bother asking for guidance from others?

I would avoid declaring that heat will cause plastic to corrode in your report.

Direct Vent Clearances

Too close to the flue?

Please notice that the disconnect is near the intake air side of the combination flue combustion air fitting.:shock:

Could those clearances be for Canada only?.. There is a reference to CGA (Canadian Gas Association) Installation Code “B149” in the last sentence?

Where do you see I am asking for guidance?

Just other opinions,

I Just simply stated that this box is too close to the fireplace exhaust.

Tha same 6 guys reply back. useally 2 with great replies, 2 with questions and 2 but heads.
Sometimes NACHI message boards suck.

Thanks for your input Mike and Wayne.

Keep reading…or ANSI Z223.1
(American National Standards Institute)

Always thought NFPA or AGA wrote the gas code there. They make claims to it.

** Work with the new basis for fuel gas safety nationwide and around the globe: the 2009 NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code. This is a joint publication by the National Fire Protection Association and the American Gas Association. It is designated both as NFPA 54 and ANSI/AGA Z223.1**

They do Brian but ANSI either accepts them or not.

They even sell Canadian Standards.

Yes I agree pics 1 and 3 are questionable at best.