Chimneys too close

These are two metal chimneys: one for the furnace and another one for the fireplace. Do you think they are too close for cross contamination?

Rusty chimney (Small).jpg

Chimneys too close (Small).jpg

Probably not. If they had been two flues in a single chimney, their ends would not have been separated any more than the same few inches that those pipes are.


What are you contaminating?

CMI … perhaps

Yuri, stop by Home Depot or order yourself the “Code Check” field reference books they are wonderful resources.

Joe, you apparently missed my initial post. These chimneys are from different sources: one is from gas furnace and another one from wood burning fireplace. If the house goes to negative pressure because of wind effect, for instance, products of combustion from furnace chimney can get into the building envelope through fireplace chimney. That was my concern. Thank you for referring me to Home Depot. I use a bit more reliable sources of information. Sometimes, code and common sense are not keeping up together. :mrgreen: </IMG>

[FONT=Verdana]Home Depot sells the Code Check field books about $20.00 a piece, that is what I am referring to as a reliable resource for yourself, not Home Depot, Home depot would be the retailer that the product is available at. I would not refer to Home Depot as a reliable resource :wink:

Many times chimneys have multiple vents passing through them, one for the HVAC system / H2O heater ad one for the fireplace or fireplaces, this is not uncommon at all. I would be more concerned about the type of vent pipe being used on a wood burner and the clearances on the vent pipe.


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