Gas fireplace venting out under covered front porch...

Besides the obvious soot issue, everything that I can find as far as specs says it’s OK. Any thoughts?

I think you answered your own question. Do you expect us to know what the specific manufacturer of this unit requires?

Looks like it has a problem any i see soot . and it is hard to tell from the picture it looks to close to the overhang . Report what you see if it doesn’t look right then it is probably not

He said it was all good according to specs…without us knowing those exactly, how can we comment on?

He already stated that.

The direct vent clearances look good. The problem is the soot. Gas fireplaces should not be creating soot like that. I would recommend having it evaluated and serviced by a qualified gas fireplace professional.

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He already stated that./QUOTe
If I seen the opening along the bottom of the over hang and the soot i would write it up . but that is just me .

Could natural gas or propane have produced that kind of soot? It is my understanding that a direct vent installation like that is only acceptable when the fuel is natural gas or propane.

Gas, natural or LP and soot indicate a combustion problem, Carbon Monoxide is also being produced, so do not use until it has been fixed.