Gas furnace....need advice

First one that I seen without a combustion cover.
It a Coleman…Is this correct, or is the unit missing a cover?
Unit works great…

Looks like wrong cover(s) to me.

What is the model number?

Someone has swaped the top with the bottom by accident. This is a Coleman Highboy designed with the top open and the grate goes over the mono ports or burners.

Thanks for the info…

I disagree. I see these often. That’s just how they look. I will post a picture the next time I see one.

This is easy to verify David. When you remove the covers, you will see how they’re attached. Improper (or improperly placed) covers will not fit properly.

Dave if You have the model number try looking the owners manual up on line …it should give You a picture of it…I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to look like that…


Okay it could be it all depends on the model and how old it is.

David…you really need to learn how to ‘attach’ photos instead of embedding them in your posts. Embedding them does not allow for larger photos to be viewed nor magnified.

See these instructions…it’s really easy.

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The draft hood is on the top panel which gives dilution air in Canada it must be a northern thing but it is in the Inspector HVAC systems guide book so it must be right.
Not sure about this model.

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We will have to wait until someone can produce a picture of this furnace. I did have one back awhile but my lovely holding program for camera lost them in the move.

I’m sure it won’t be long before I see another. I will post a picture if can remember to :smiley:

David, was that gravity or induced draft? It may be that that upper cover buts to the air handler cover below it, sliding down a few inches to cover the burners (you can almost see a lip in the bottom of the upper cover) and then the cover leaves the upper portion harmlessly exposed. If that’s the case, the cover being installed incorrectly may reduce draft (if gravity).

I recommend removing the upper and lower covers to inspect the combustion and air handler areas of these and horiz FAU’s… you can wisely and quickly discern many service concerns in a snap! Plugged Evaps and other things are a quick way for you to receive unhappy phone calls (they’re expensive to clean)

Dont really matter, the water heater cover is missing too.

Hi David
Jeff is absolutely correct
I see this type of furnaces quite often. I usually see them on Mobile homes that were built between the mid 70’s to mid 80’s.
Here’s a picture of one I came across a couple months ago, same unit.