Gas heater I am not sure what this is. No info on unit

I inspected a home that had this gas heater mounted to the floor joist and the flames are just open with no covers. It looks

to me like something from a commercial building. But owner of building stated that it was installed a few years ago and was approved. This thing had no markings or manufacturer listed. It did have some flue requirements on a label but that was it. Any help on this one would be appreciated. I’m not even sure what this is.

Not sure of brand/specifications/etc of the unit you have photographed. Have yet to come across one on my inspections.


Good info Junior, Thanks. I’ve only seen one of those and, to be honest, it’s been so long ago I’ve forgotten most of it.

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Yes thanks for the info. My big concern is all the ones I looked up online have the burners enclosed. When in the basement the pilot and burners are all right there and exposed. Even water heaters have a guard so the flames are not exposed. This just seams like it’s missing something. I am labeling it to be more throughly inspected by a master plumbing and heating contractor who is more Familiar with this set up. As I can’t find a manufacturer on the unit. That also makes me think a cover is missing. Who don’t put there company name on the unit…

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advise client of a known safety hazard for the inebriated & all others
unless permanent waffle searing scars are appreciated as a right of passage
don’t ask how i know this

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Did you pull up the floor grate and check inside? If I remember the data plate or label is located on the inside.

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OUCH! :astonished: :scream_cat:

They do put a warning on them. You’ll probably see it after you burn your feet!

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Haha! Nice place to put the warning sticker!