Gas Heat Pump in "Closet"

1990’s townhome - recent flipper renovation. Looking for some suggestions regarding the HVAC system -
Vertical, gas-fired heat pump in an upstairs closet. The “closet” was in a conditioned family room. The ceiling of the closet was open to the attic. The door to the closet was wooden, no vents and no weather-stripping.
Seal off the closet and treat it as unconditioned attic space? If so - I don’t see adequate clearance around the unit to draw combustion air. If you swap the door to non-combustible and add vents, then you’d have to seal up the ceiling of the closet right? Hell, maybe this install is fine and dandy!?
I am probably over thinking it because I am going to have an HVAC contractor provide their suggestion, but I want to be able to advise the client WHY exactly it is a concern and what the possible solutions are. Also, for my own knowledge. Always love hearing what valuable information y’all have to share.
Thanks in advance.

Not unusual.
Model number please.
NG Up flow?
Lift the ‘cabinet grill’ in the front up and away from the cabinet. Typically get to take a good look inside.

Model # GMPN040-3

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Gas-fired furnace with a heat-pump. If this was not “typical” to my area, I would call it out to have HVAC okay it. It’s probably is okay but I wouldn’t want to be the one to okay it. Where was the return located? Typically you want 1 make up air duct 12 inches from the floor and the other 12 inches from the top.

The dirt leg is wrong/useless, hope you saw that.

One small return register was here, close-by. another was adjacent to it, on the other side of the wall in the hallway (the other one was a 24x14.

LOL @ the dirt-leg. They just ran out of pipe. don’t judge. HAAA This is the newly designed floating dirt-leg.

24 years old.

Goodman NG furnace. Read what the manufactures recommends as clearance.
I see no issue. The front has plenty of clearance. I will look at the manufacturers installation instructions.

You don’t think its an issue with the ceiling of the closet being open to the attic and the door not being sealed from the attic space?

Drip leg. Too small for a sediment trap.

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Fire/fume rating or appliance clearance?

thanks Robert. Either way, it needs to be on the low point and provide a 90 degree bend correct?

I’m curious, what is the minimum length of a sediment trap? Please post the reference.

Is it required? From what I understand, Manufacture has veto not code. Read the installation manual.

Nipple of any length from what I can recall.



40k BTU furnace… you can have 1 opening within 12 inches from the top communicating with outdoors at 1sqin per 3000BTU, so you would need 14sq inches of make up air, so that top opening is plenty given the attic is vented properly. The door must be closed because otherwise the return is too close, within 10ft.

Gotcha. Closed door - seal it with weather-stripping and good to go?

Ideally… but I would leave that up to the HVAC guy because it should only be 100% sealed if it’s in a bedroom, not a living room/area.

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