Gas Heater Sidewall Vent Clearances

I could never find the exact clearance measurements for a properly install gas fired appliance sidewall vent from a garage. How far below the soffit should it be and how far horizontally should it project from the wall? The pictures are from a house in my neighborhood and I would suggest that the vent is too close to soffit. At least it projects horizontally away from the fascia.

Check appliance install instructions. It will tell you what appears like B-vent needs go above roof.

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Is that a hanging gas space heater in a garage? If so, it’s likely fine.

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I’m guessing it is.

Step one is to determine the type of appliance it is… natural draft gas-fired appliance cannot be vented thru a wall without a help from a fan. Any fan-assisted appliance will come with “design” installation instructions. Beyond that you’re just making things up :slight_smile: