Gas Heater Side wall Vent Clearances

I could never find the exact clearance measurements for a properly install gas fired appliance sidewall vent from a garage. How far below the soffit should it be and how far horizontally should it project from the wall? The pictures are from a house in my neighborhood and I would suggest that the vent is too close to soffit. At least it projects horizontally away from the fascia.

I’m not sure what kind of appliance you are referring to. Every appliance will come with installation instructions. This appears to be a improperly installed B-vent.


Good point, every gas fired appliance should have instructions that identify clearances. What’s generally wrong with this one? Is it the close proximity to the soffit? I’d say it should be at least “14 to 24” below.

It looks like a B-vent which means it terminates a certain distance above the roof. The roof pitch will dictate that distance.