gas leak detector

Just wondering what you guys are using. I want purchase something that works well but does not break the bank…

The last two that I have bought I got on Ebay.

I use a TIF 8900

Go with something rugged, they can be fragile and break easy.

I’m wondering about the need for it. Around here the utility company checks for leaks when they turn the service on.

No need for it if you don’t check for gas leaks or note them in your reports. :mrgreen:

How would you confirm a gas leek? I know some people use soapy water and look for bubbles. Tell us what you do or will do?

Just curious. When checking for gas leaks do you check Every pipe/fitting connection throughout the home? Including main gas line, furnace, water heater, appliances, etc?

Checking for gas leaks is beyond sop of course, your choice.

Here in Bmore a gas detector might go off fairly frequently in an old house, of which we have many.

A decades old gas line is probably leaking a bit, does that make it dangerous?
One of the reasons there aren’t many gas fires is that NG is delivered at very low pressure so it’s very difficult for a leak to build up to a combustible degree.
And of course if there is a leak of any import you should be able smell the mercaptan they add for that reason.

The local gas suppliers lines leak all the time and don’t blow up.

I use my Schnoz. Works well and it’s free :wink:

I’m not checking. I’ll leave that up to the gas company, who does it for free.

The only time I report a gas leak is when I smell it. I use a cheap gas leak detector that I bought at Home Depot for about $25. But I only use it to get a picture of the gas leak for the report. Then I tell the agent or owner for safety reasons. In my area the utility company will usually fix it free unless it is in one of the appliances.

Yeah that’s about what I want to do. If I smell it then its worth looking into but yall are right its beyond the scope of the SOP.
On the other hand it looks good if you can investigate a little bit.
Thanks guys.

I wouldn’t worry too much about looking good because you’re going to defer to the local gas supplier anyway. Just report it and move on.

I use my 8800.
You can do what you want.

I use my nose, and a bottle of soapy water.

After me eating a few helpings of cooked cabbage, then hot wings on New Years, the wife was detecting a lot of methane around my lazy boy, 15 feet from where she was sitting! :mrgreen: :|.)

So she used her nose and told you to use the soapy water? :mrgreen:

lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen: