Gas line protection

OK, copper gas line on side of home. Notice the sleeve as it exits grade.
My question, were do you get this sleeve and how do you feel about having to provide protection for the line? What would you use to provide protection besides a ballast if needed. The only thing I can find on Protection is - (Piping installed above ground outdoors shall be securely supported and located were it will protected from physical damage.) The line is not near any drives were you could run into, but is located some where that a riding mower could hit or be nicked while using the weed eater. Just wanted to see others thoughts on this as I constantly see this installaion and I dont like it.


Sounds to me like you said it all!

Contrary to believe, we are not a law-enforcement agency. We are not code enforcers.

If you don’t like it, write it up. Eventually somebody may take note and make it different.

When general contractors call down to the code department and ask them about your concerns of gaspipe protection, eventually the code department may adopt a requirement on your behalf.

Don’t have to worry about writing it up in Okla. if it is natural gas it is an automatic write up , copper not allowed on natural gas. I assume in what appears to be a regulator in the PIC you are dealing with propane. I can just picture some cowboy on a zero turn radius and a quart beer bottle in one hand taking that gas line out.

I would write a concern needs to be protected

I’m back again that Pic just bothers me in my area we do not have gas regulators at a foundation wall all regulators are at the tank and I am still assuming this is propane. High pressure is restricted at the tank I would not want a higher pressure gas of any kind that near a foundation. Whats going on in TX are they crazy or what. I already know they can not play football but this gas regulator really bothers me