Gas line protection required?

Came across this today. Coper gas line snakes around the house on two sides to enter a wall for a gas wall heater. The gas line is on the ground the whole way.

I know black iron would be better. But I don’t like to state a recommendation based on a “feeling”. What would you guys say? Is there a c-de that prohibits this?

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See if that works Joe.

Dale, perhaps I’m dull. But I didn’t see the answer to my question in that Codecheck section. I do appreciate your effort however.

Exposed underfloor piping min. 6in. above ground . . . . . . .[n/a] {1211.4}

I suggest the same for exterior, or bury it.

My report: “Gas copper piping is on the ground and exposed to potential damage on two sides of the house. Recommend iron pipe gas line 6 inches above ground outdoors.”

Thanks Dale.

Amateur workmanship at rear gas line installation requires professional correction.

I don’t think there is. It may be a local thing.
I assume this is LP.
There is no need for a c-de to recommend this pipe should be put under ground so it doesn’t get run over by lawn maintenance equipment.

Natural gas.

Unless it is tin-lined copper, I don’t think you can run natural gas in copper lines. LP is fine in copper, however.

There must be a couple million miles of copper gas lines here being used for Nat’l gas. It may be a local thing where you are but not everywhere. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any black iron pipe here. Most heavy gas lines are galvanized then steps down to copper (unlined).

copper type k is allowed for natural according to my notes that I can’t remember where I found it…

type K green label
type L blue label
type M red label

are the labels visible to HI’s ? nope, not that I have found…