Gas Meter Line

I reciently inspected a home with copper tubing leading from the gas meter into the exterior wall of the home. I wrote in my report the home had improper copper tubiing instead of hard pipe. Does anyone gave any code or other info to back up this statement?

Nelson cook

Call your local gas supplier to find out what is allowed in your area.

Copper is allowed in some areas. It depends the hydrogen sulfide content of the gas being supplied.

As Brian stated, call the provider.

IRC G2414.5.2: Copper tubing. Copper tubing shall comply with standard Type K or L of ASTM B 88 or ASTM B 280.
Shall not be used if the gas contains more than 0.3 grains of hydrogen sulfide per 100 cu. ft. of gas.

I believe, if you check with local Gas Vendors, they will inform you that if a bulk tank is used for supply, a ten lb. regulator will be installed at the tank and redused to 2lb.'s before entry to the house. This would allow you to run regular copper tubing. But yes, check with local gas suppliers by all means.
Welded pipe is commonly used in concealed walls and when high pressure is used.

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