Copper gas pipe

I do not have a copy of Uniform Plumbing Code. Section 1209.5 lists acceptable gas piping materials and joining methods.

Is copper and brass allowed? The situation I am researching is low hydrogen sulfide (less than .3 grams of hydrogen sulfide) and dry (no drip legs required by gas supplier)

I know many AHJ do not allow copper and they forbid such with local amendments. What does the unamended code allow?

John…would the 2003 IRC requirements suffice or do you need the UPC as stated? If the IRC is acceptable then I’ll transcribe what G2414.5.2 says about copper tubing.

Sure lets see what IRC says. San Antonio amendments references UPC (they use 2006 IRC elsewhere). I am pretty sure UPC allows copper and brass if hydrogen sulfide is less than 03. I know we are all taught to write up any copper (and aluminum).

I also have a question in to San Antonio code department.

Per San Antonio gas provider:
They have less than .3 hydrogen sulfide
Gas is dry; drip legs not required.

2003 IRC G2414.5.2 (403.5.2) Copper tubing. Copper tubing shall comply with standard Type K or L of ASTM B 88 or ASTM B 280.
Copper and brass tubing shall not be used if the gas contains more than an average of 0.3 grains of hydrogen sulfide per 100 standard cubic feet of gas (0.7 milligrams per 100 liters).

Hi. John;

NFPA 54 will approve the use of copper and brass as long as the gas does not contain more than 0.3 grains of hydrogen sulfide per 100 scf of gas.

Other alternatives would be steel and wrought Iron.
There are other types of piping available for this use.

Alluminum alloy pipe shall not be used in exterior locations or underground.

I would definetly check with the local gas company in a particular jurisdiction as to what can be or will be approved in that area.


[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2]**2006 International Fuel Gas Code:

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Thanks all. Gas supplier wrote to me their gas is .25 or less. Thats less than .3. No special amendment in SA code. Looks like it can be used. Will wait for reply from city.

Will post more as I find out.


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