Gas Plumbing Question

Can someone please explain why the gas service line to this water heater is plumbed this way? What is the purpose of this configuration?

TIA… Rick

That’s weird. Never seen anything like it. Not sure what it’s going to hurt, except for it being galvanized. Does your municipality allow for galvanized? Some do, some don’t…

As far as I’m concerned that configuration has no purpose.

but You have to admit it looks pretty cool !

It reminds me of those in-line magnetic water softeners. If they worked Culligan and Rainsoft would be out of business.

it does at that…and they looked pretty cool also ,but just like the Edsel…never much of a following…

I’m guessing it was installed to eliminate another trip to the hardware store!!!

Interesting! Really no purpose, as Martin pointed out. Also not a concern if materials are permitted, as Joshua said.
Flowing gas will undergo two pressure changes as it enters and exits the increased diameter piping. This could possibly help “drop” contaminants out of the gas prior to the hwh, as the trap is directly below.

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Thanks everyone for the response. Was simply baffled at this set up. Galvanized is allowed in may area so I did not call it out on the report. Thanks all.

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I do not see any pipe dope or tape on the pipes above the Union. could be a possible gas leak. Do you have a gas sniffer you keep with you?

That’s the way the professional do it. If you see a messy glob of pipe dope on the threads it was an amateur.

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