What is it?

I found this in the attic. It is connected to the natural gas line. I don’t know what it is, thought one of you would.

Old basket valve for a light?

…connected to the natural gas line!? Hmmm… rules out sprinkler head… maybe a self-destruct mechanism!?

Not questioning you… but…
What is the age of the home? 1960’s? Is it common to run NG through galvanized in your area?

Sure looks like some kinda of sprinkler head you may have stumbled on something extraordinary. could it be some kind of old support for the piping?

Yes 1960’s

No it is not common in this area.

Some one using recycled building materials? Sure looks like a sprinkler head.

Greg they use galvanised ?

A sprinkler head on a NG line. I wonder what would happen if there was a fire?:shock::shock::shock:

Fire sprinkler.

water sprinkler

Its a brass hanging bracket that should have been put on the pipe before any of the connection was done. The drip leg is upside down but I really don’t think it was done intentional and may be a result of repairs somewhere on the other areas.

Yes galvanized is acceptable according to the fl building code for gas service. Show me if I am wrong. I could never find it.

Please explain to me why anyone would want any sort of gas to come out of a things like that? Jeezus!
Its appears to be a 1950-60’es fire sprinkler. Yep !

To clarify, I never questioned if it was acceptable/allowed, I was more curious whether it was a common practice to use galvanized. I rarely see it, and then usually only as a repair or an extension, never as a complete pipe job.

I see it all the time in my area.