Gas regulator on tank

Gas regulator damaged from squirrels… the only thing this supplied was a fireplace, and it wasn’t turned on, so I don’t know if there was any propane left in the tank.
With the hole in the cap, would all the propane leak out?

Just curious if this is something that has to be repaired right away before use. Or if the tank will empty when they replace it?

Probably not a problem.

Brain fart… it wont leak out if they close the valve! Haha :woozy_face:
Guess i was just curious if the tank is likely empty now because of it

But what happens when they open it to use it?..

Right… I was editing my comment at the same time as you.
The valve looked like it was open, so I don’t know if it all leaked out or not. But that’s ok, it really doesn’t matter at this point… I Will just recommend propane company repair when they fill it


@rkenney may have it right


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Exactly… Non-issue.

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