Gas Shut Off Valve location for furnace and Hot Water Tank

Hello Everyone,
I’m looking at two gas shut off valves - one on the furnace input and one on the hot water tank input. Both are located 20" above the 90 degree input into the appliances. The gas company had red tagged this; saying the shut off valves must be “below or at” the furnace/hwt input.

My question is: Does code require these valves to be after the 90 turn, before the 1/2" gas line enters the system? The home’s gas is shut off because of this issue. I’ve included an image of the furnace line/valve for reference.

I’m a first time poster :slight_smile: sorry if I broke any protocol with my first post. Thank you for the help.

2018 IFGC doesn’t say that (409.5 Appliance shutoff valve) but your locality may have amendments and the gas company makes the rules. Move the valve and be done with it.

Shouldn’t the union be downstream from the shutoff?

yes, that’s their beef.

Any union in a gas line must have a valve in front of it. … only unions allowed on gas are at the appliance.

Yes, but only the WH union would be visible (No picture of that). The furnace union is inside the cabinet.

This is what he’s looking for -

Thank you everyone, Putting the valve below the union makes sense. I was just surprised they red flagged the whole system because of this.

I appreciate the responses.

The valve should come before, not after the union. You shut the valve off and then use the union to remove/disconnect the appliance. If there is a leak at the union, the shut off valve can be used to shut the gas off in an emergency.

Perhaps they flagged it because the valve was below the union?

There will be a union inside the furnace cabinet. Looks like this -

I’m going with what Simon and Joseph said otherwise 95% of the instals we see would be wrong.

So in Roberts picture the union is in the furnace itself, so I wonder why it’s that big of an issue where the shut off is located?

Robert is not the OP, he is assuming there is one inside the cabinet (he cannot know this). But even if there is one inside, it’s still wrong. There should be no unions “before” (upstream of) the shutoff valve, look at the OP’s picture.

BTW, the Water Heater has the same install, union before the valve if you look closely. Must be the same installer :slight_smile:

It’s obvious you have not done any ‘black pipe’ installations. There is nothing in code that says that there can not be unions upstream of the shutoff. Simon is assuming I cannot know this. I’ve been in more than enough furnace cabinets to know that is how it’s done.

Forgetting all that for a moment, it’s what the gas company rep asked for. He didn’t say anything about the union. He has complete control over who gets the gas turned on- just suck it up and do it his way.

Here is the code, you have two options: a) learn something you never knew b) remain ignorant, claiming how many millions of cabinets you have examined is irrelevant, your choice.

IFGC 2015:
409.5.1 Located Within Same Room
The shutoff valve shall be located in the same room as the appliance . The shutoff valve shall be within 6 feet (1829 mm) of the appliance , and shall be installed upstream of the union, connector or quick disconnect device it serves. Such shutoff valves shall be provided with access. Appliance shutoff valves located in the firebox of a fireplace shall be installed in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.

Piping Unions (CPC 315.1, 1212.5)
Unions (inline couplings) are only permitted downstream (after) appliance shut-off valves, meter locations, and immediately downstream on building shut-off valves. The use of right/left couplings and nipples are required in all other locations. Unions shall not be installed in a concealed location.

This is pretty much the norm for any places within the states that relies on codes. Maybe where you reside, it’s very very special, but I highly doubt it. It would help to know the OP’s location, but I’m certain they follow something similar or the gas company would not have flagged it.

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I am not a gas pipe mechanic, but logic would tell me that the union should be outside the cabinet for two reasons;
To be a little safer should it leak.
To facilitate removal should you need to change the furnace, and a hell of a lot easier tho handle pipe wrenches on the outside of the cabinet.
I know of no code that prevents you from having it inside nor outside.
Must be a gas companies discretion to do what they want.

The issue here is not whether or not there is a second union inside the furnace (which we cannot see). If you look closely at the OP’s pics you will see a union installed upstream of shutoff valve on the furnace and the water heater. That is not normal and is prohibited by codes.

Simon you can be as arrogant as you want, but the California Plumbing Code has little to do with the other 49 States. As for The IFGC I gave you the code number and as written the OP picture shows the shut off within six feet and says nothing about unions.

Being arrogant as you are you should know that IFGC union code is 411.1.6.

I will let others be the judge :slight_smile: I highlighted the code for you in bold but you chose to ignore it. It’s alright.