Gas supply at fireplace/damper clamp?

Hopefully I have attached pictures, all 3 are of same fireplace. We are having recent issues/complaints due to our company recommending damper clamps installed on all gas supplied fireplaces to prevent from fully closing. We realize the differences between just a log lighter for wood burning, and gas log assembly’s, that each jurisdiction may have less of requirements, however, the local gas company throughout our region of service red tag that they are missing clamp/block at ALL gas supplied units…We have been come after vigorously a few times for code references and such, but are unable to locate specific information through the gas utility company to confirm…I know it is in this course/video that gas fireplace needs clamp, but what are you guys hearing, reporting, thinking about this issue…We continue to recommend them, at the very least for the gas company red tag, while reminding whomever, we only are making recommendation and in no way are attempting to quote/enforce code…Thoughts?

How many times do you need to ask the question?

This should suffice, eh?…:slight_smile: