Question regarding fireplace

I am new and learning. I performed a mock inspection for my father in law. I am trying to determine if they have a wood burning fireplace that uses a gas igniter or if they are incorrectly burning wood fuel in a gas fireplace. There was no spark arrester or rain cap on the chimney either. There didn’t appear to be an operational damper, there was something resembling a damper arm but it would not budge. I’ve added a couple of pictures. Thanks for any help!

Wood burning with gas pipe sometimes they had a log starter , damper is there just may need to be loosened up. or it may have a bolt in it .

Looks to be originally wood burning, with gas added later, and the gas decommissioned again later. When converted to gas, the flue is required to be “fixed” so it does NOT close 100% and is always open, thus Wayne’s comment about a “bolt”. My guess is this occurred for that home in the seventies to early eighties. Now a days, gas fireplaces are required to be (metal) lined when converted.

Keith your doing a good job of asking questions with information and posting photos and getting great answers. Remember you can’t take to many photos with a digital camera and give to much info to get the answers you need. Keep up the good work.