Gas water heater commercial bathroom

Have a question about natural draft gas water heater located in a small commercial bathroom. The bath only has a toilet & sink. I know the Residential restrictions, but was unable to locate information on commercial rules for location limitations. Thank you in advance.

This may help you Timothy:

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You may also want to Google the make and model for the manufactures installation instructions.

Just a thought. :smile:

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Thanks for the link Larry! Most of the Google/Manufacturer information I’m finding refers to residential installations, but I’ll continue you review/research it.

Try not to turn your commercial report into a code inspection. If you suspect it’s an issue, call it questionable and recommend that the seller produce documentation proving that it has been inspected and approved. Such as:

“Observed questionable water heater installation with gas-burning appliance and flue piping inside of a public restroom located in xyz… Recommend an Immediate Repair action item for the seller to produce documentation that the local authority having jurisdiction approved of the installation of a gas-fired water heater inside of a public restroom.”

You can also compose a letter to the AHJ regarding the issue, and include it in the appendices of your report. If you do that, make a statement in the plumbing section of your report that a copy of your letter is in the appendices, and that the AHJ has not yet responded, but if they do and if it materially affects your conclusions and recommendations, that your report will be revised and resubmitted.

But bottom line, avoid at all costs turning this into a code inspection. Don’t mention code anywhere, other than the section where you discuss that you submitted a FOIA request to the locality for copies of any open building code, fire code, and zoning violations.

With that all said, I think the only restriction that I can recall is ANSI Z233.1, which prohibits installation in restrooms, bedrooms, and any rooms that are normally occupied behind a closed door.

Very helpful. Thank you!

FYI… We all know that AHJ’s can be a PIA. That is even more true on Commercial properties.
One item that Darren mentioned that may seem innocuous, but could (locally) have a very different standard is the term “Public” versus “Employee” restroom!
I know from experience the two often have differing requirements, and the “Employee” restroom is sometimes based on the number of employees expected to have use of the restroom. It is not uncommon to see a smallish employee restroom with a WH on a shelf high above the WC, which would NEVER fly in a public restroom!!
Be careful how you describe locations. Darren suggested avoiding quoting Code, but naming a room indirectly does just that. Good luck.

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Keeping in mind what Darren and Larry have said, both IPC and IMC refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

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