Gas Water Heater Flue Pipe Connected To Plumbing Vent Pipe


I was looking at a home for my wife and I to purchase and came upon this issue with the venting of the gas fueled water heater.
The water heater has a draft hood connected to galvanized pipe that goes up 4" then bends at 45degs and is connected with a galvanized threaded fitting into a clean out in the cast iron main plumbing vent pipe.
Can anyone help on this one?


:shock: Brad

Yes , it is against any code there is and dangerous.

Thanks Robert. I knew it just looked wrong but I wanted to make sure. That goes on then list with the 15" tall roof chimney.

You have got to be kidding, they actually connected the flue to the stack vent. I thought I had seen everything. That is a no no. Might as well use the drain lines for conduit.

I gotta have this pic for my defect collection.

I will get photo this week if the home has not sold!!


Wish this guy would have come back and posted the pic. I’m with you. Nice pic to post on the website.