Flue vent connection for water heater

This is the first time I have seen this connection of the flue vent cap to the water heater. The tabs were spread out and the cap was installed flush to the water heater. A downward facing open Tee was installed inline. (likely to induce drafting) Is there anything wrong with this? I did recommend further evaluation.

Fleming Inspection 014 (Small).jpg

Fleming Inspection 013 (Small).jpg

Anybody out there that would like to reply to this one? :slight_smile:

Hello Hank,

The installation is not installed to any manufacturers guidelines I have ever seen…:shock:

Maybe its the newest “gig”, but I doubt it…:smiley:

Last time I saw something like that was on a fuel oil furnace converted from a coal furnace ( used for drafting)I will check with my hvac connection

No need to check with anyone, it’s just wrong. The legs of the draft hood have been bent away (you can see them in the second photo).

My guess is that they thought the rise of the exhaust was more critical than the need for a draft hood.

Hi to all,

I have to agree with Jeff, it just needs replacement, but I have a question is this a gas or an oil feed?



Thank you fellas. I believe the right call was made. I appreciate the responses. Gerry, the water heater is natural gas fired.

Anytime you see something like that you have to look for the appliance manual on the side of the W.H. It should be there…it better be there The MFG install instructions will tell you. Then the AH can modify it… MFG first.:wink:

I bet the flue above the W.H. was in the “way” so a a little field modification was in order…:wink:

I bet the recovery efficiency went way down also. No fresh air = very poor combustion.

The only time that you should see this kind of connection would be on a mobile home water heater. Otherwise I know of no manufaturer that would allow this. I’ve installed at least two-five water heaters per week for the last ten years using various manufactures and have not come across this type of instalation.


Please expand…

Expand- I do have limited experience with mobile home water heaters because the companies I worked for usually did not work on mobile homes. The reason for a sealed vent is because mobile home water heaters are usually in confined spaces with bad access to them. The confined space does not allow enough fresh air to get to the chimney for proper updraft. I believe the fresh air comes from below. The gas one’s I replaced were replaced with electric water heaters. I hope this helps.

Someone who works on mobile homes would be better qualified to answer this.