Gasoline Prices

The reason that the western economies are now nose diving into recessions is the fact that none of their Governments had the guts for decades to confront the reality that the dependency on Middle East oil supplies would one day become our Waterloo.

If these Arabs would ever decide to cut off - or even interrupt temporarily their oil supply - home inspectors will not have to worry about the high gas prices to get to and from their inspections anymore - because there will be simply no more purchasers around who are in need of home inspections - period. The current trend of the US housing market is already a very good indicator.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - **TORONTO **

I agree i am not an inspector but work in the construction industry. The older fellas that have been around a while say this is the worst it has been since the late 80s . With this election comming up down here in the states eveeryones hoping once thats over it’ll pick back up. I don’t really see that happening the problem is’nt the gas as much as the fact that we’ve over industrialized ourselves. We have to have fuel bottom line without some form of enery other than what mother nature provides we would not be able to supply our needs . We are way over populated in the states and most everywhere else . I dont mean to sound like a loon here but were finally feeling the downside of all our so called great technology.

You failed miserably!

Technology has brought to this point and served us well.
We are better prepared than ever to feed the planet and bring prosperity to the masses with our improved technologies and energy production.

Energy availaility drives the locomotive of progress and always will. JMHO

I disagree.
Empty nester’s have been selling their monster homes in the suburbs and moving to Toronto [inner city] selling their vehicles and using public transportation to get to and from work or play. That’s the trend right now in Toronto. I have noticed a decline in traffic since gas prices have skyrocketed to $139/litre. I would pay double that amount to be able to drive to an inspection without traffic!

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thats $631.97/ galon CAD! ($626.27/Gal USD) Or is its $1.39/L ??

Sorry Richard, That’s $1.39/litre!

Gottcha! I was gonna recomend maybe you do some more drilling (and sharing with your US friends!):mrgreen:

Still way higher than we have here - what’s the gas tax in Canada?

Just watched a great program on the so called “overpopulation” theory done by a well respected mathematician. He did his calculations based on the current world population and using 3 square feet for every man, woman and child; all the people on planet earth could stand in a circle with a 30 mile radius (60 miles across for those who are mathematically challenged). Puts things into a whole new perspective when all the hysteria is removed and simple logic and science is applied. The earth is not overpopulated, it just seems that way when you stand in the line at the grocery store and young lad or lass with the HS education can’t make simple change for a $5 bill and the line keeps getting longer. We as a nation became too dependent on other countries for our goods and services and shipped many jobs overseas due to the cheap labor and to avoid higher taxes on businesses here (which is most often driven by the stockholders wishes to make more money). We have oil out the wazoo right under our feet but due to the tree huggers and greenies, congress (a pox on both houses and Parties) will not them drill or even explore for it in many cases.

How did I fail misereably , these are my veiws this is a forum to post your veiws to topics. In the next 20 years the world with take back what belongs to it we are just visitors its been here and will be here forever. We will not.

Industrialization is the downfall of all societies thats a proven fact . People are never satisfied with what they need its what they want that matters.

What makes you think so?

2005 Canadian Average Pump Price
Data Source: MJ Ervin & Associates
Petro-Canada Refining & Marketing Profit

Here you go Richard!

I agree!! We should have never left our caves!!:roll:

Interesting slant.

I am sure that industrialization is the reason societies prosper. Not so sure how industrialization brings about a downfall.

Please elaborate.

Everyone wants to be the King Of The Hill what we need to all do is sit around the bottom of the hill and figure out a way we can all coexist on somewhat of a level playing feild , look as bad as gas prices are hurting my wallet we here in the states have it alot better than some places . Industrialization has taken away jobs ,we’ve come full circle yea in the beginning it was great everyone working makng money now thats not so . Technology is leaving alot of people in very long lines.

Just curious but have you ever been outside the US?

Thanks for the info.

35% :shock:
I knew that your “free” health care was too good to be true!:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That puts us at about 12% (at $4.00/gal)

Hmmm, I thought by definition industrialization (development) would create jobs?

If the field was level, you would cry the blues each and every time you shopped at Wall-Mart!