GE Main Panel 2 seperate 50amp breakers

GE 100 amp Main panel, year about 1955.
It has 2 50amp main breakers, not tied together.
Is this a safety issue? I think it could be.
I would send photo, but I cannot see how to do it.

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What if someone forgets about the 100Amp and just hits one toggle.
He will be fried on the other end.
Don’t need a code for that one.

Based on your info a photo or photo’s is/are needed to accurately answer your question.

Definatley a safety issue ! All 240 volt double lever throws should be tied together . :D:D:D

So the assumption is that these are 50 amp, single pole, 120 volt circuit breakers?

You’ve been a licensed home inspector since 2002. I recommend you take some CE classes . Concentrate on electrical subjects. Or just pay the fee and become a CMI.

This is not a big deal all that needs to be done is either put a piece of wire that will throw the other breaker if one is thrown or trip. All double breakers should be done like this any thing running 240 Volts the breakers must be tired together newer ones have a little plastic bar that goes between the breaker switches some of the older ones had a metal cap. This is for safety and equipment protection.

You cannot just use a piece of wire or screws and nuts or any other cobbled together mess to link the two handles together. The handle tie needs to be a listed device.

I’ve got dozens of pictures of installers that don’t agree :smiley: