GE Panel

Todays panel has four breakers, combined, single pull, rated at 200amps. the panel is rated at 400amp. This is a 200amp service?


I think a pic is going to be required, unless someone is familiar with this particular panel.

Actually, if it is anything like some Siemens panels, they use a similar setup for 200 amps. They use two 2-pole 100A main breakers in parallel, giving 200 amps. It looks like four single pole breakers tied together. There was a thread not too long ago about this.
This is probably the same thing but for 400A.

I think this is the same set up you are talking about. There are 4, it looks single pole 200amps breakers, with one pole switch controlling them all.


The SEC is 4/0 AWG also. It is rated for 200amps correct?

Yup, that’s exactly what I was referring to.
200 amps for sure.

Looks like a standard 200A GE panel, the main breaker is 200A, the extra 200A labels are misleading.

Where did you see 400A?
No way that is a 400A panel.

The wording in the panel. No wait, it was hand written on the label. Probably the electrician did it. So, this isn’t a 400amp rated panel?

Oh yeah. I forgot you mentioned 400 amps.
NO WAY is this a 400A panel.

I am famiur with this panel and it is only 200 amp main breaker as what Speedy Pete he got it right on first answer.

BTW if this is a 400 amp the breaker box and the size of main breaker is much larger than what the photo showed.

Merci, Marc