GE Type Circuit Breakers Question

Main distribution panel label indicates that one should use GE type breakers. Does this mean you should only use GE circuit breakers?
I have seen this before during inspections, but wanted to ask because there were a couple of non GE circuit breakers installed in a panel I recently inspected. I have attached a picture of label.

Panel breakers should match the panel mfg. Make a note of it, Recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician.

If a mismatched breaker should short or overheat for whatever reason. You have CYA!

The breakers need to be listed for use in the panel. If it is not one of the ones listed it should not be in the panel.

Unless it is for replacement which would (in accordance with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) permit a classified circuit breaker for replacement if evaluated for the panelboard. This ensures “warranty” is and remains to be a gaming process for everyone.