GE panel with all Cutler Hammer breakers?

Today a five year old well built home with two GE panels, GE main breaker(s). All of the breakers in each panel were Cutler Hammer. I know CH are capable with many different brands, not sure about GE. Of course the panel label said use only GE breakers. Any electricians care to share an opinion.

You answered your own question.

Agree and this is good to have in your report.

These may help, Christopher. I think they were from Paul:

ELEC-classified-breakers1 copy.pdf (193 KB)

Thanks guys. This is why I ask. As David said I have my own answer with label. Then again the pdf Larry posted, which I’ve read many times, says certain CH breakers are UL classified and “approved” to use in GE panels.

I always call out mismatched breakers. In this case I was surprised to see ALL of the breakers of a different brand than panel manufacture.

Looks like you left a word out of “use only GE breakers”, it says “use only GE TYPE breakers”

I always look for the big “ul listed” stamp that gets put on. I’m on my phone, but if you search cutler hammer ul listed breaker, there is a pdf download cut sheet. It is type CL breakers.

Hello All -

Let’s examine that actual statement…

“Of course the panel label said use only GE breakers”

The use of a Classified Circuit Breaker in a panel that says use only GE Breakers would still be acceptable.

Fact is in new installations GE’s statement would be correct…but in replacement situations the Magnuson Moss Act would be applicable. If the Classified Circuit Breakers have been evaluated for use in the SAID GE panel then it would be compliant in terms of code.

Now how about warranty…changes are GE would say they will not honor the warranty on the circuit breaker but in reality the warranty was probably over a long time ago so the new replacement circuit breaker more than likely has a better warranty on it anyway.

Point is…just because it says GE only…and Square D used to say that alot as well…the MM Act does apply to replacement applications…now your job is to determine if it is a replacement…and if it is a classified circuit breaker then I would safely assume it is in my opinion.

If it is not a classified…some other brand that has not been evaluated for use in the GE panel then it would not be acceptable…see how Classified Circuit Breakers are DIFFERENT…they have been tested in the GE Panel.

House at OP was built in 2008. They were the original breakers. Which is why I thought it was odd. Two GE panels with All CH breakers.

House at OP was built in 2008. They were the original breakers. Which is why I thought it was odd. Two GE panels with All CH breakers.

What a fun challenge it would be to spend time determining if each and every breaker we find is indeed rated for that enclosure.
The possibility and options for breakers that fit and don’t fit are endless.
In this case, looking up the specific breaker may determine compatibility since they are all the same, but me personally, I would consider having an electrician make that determination. Of course, they are not going to want to do the homework either.

Ahhh…that would be odd.

Must have been what they had on the truck…:mrgreen:

Best guess is the GE panel was cheapest, and the CH breakers were cheaper than GE breakers? What other reason could there be?

You must install the same brand circuit breaker as your panel. Some other brands fit and function and may have been installed by an electrician but an inspector can flag it

What is this “flag” that you speak of?

He is our new 30-year expert :slight_smile: too bad he didn’t read post #7