Crouse-hinds Box GE Breaker?

Anybody know if you can use a GE breaker in a Crouse-Hinds panel? It fit in there, but it looks out of place to me.



You need to check the panel cover. It will tell you what breakers have been tested and approved to be used in the box. Most times it will say to use only (in this case) GE breakers. Using other breakers will void the warranty on the box and the box will not be UL listed any more.

Sometimes the box will say to use a like type breaker. When that happens, it must be written on the breaker that it is compatable with another brand. Many times you will not see this, as the marking may be on the side of the breaker, which is not visible without removing the breaker.

In this case, Im willining to bet that it is not compatabile. Electricians will use anything they happen to have on the truck.

If you did not read the panel cover, call it out for evaluation by a sparky (I’m sure you had other electrical issues). Say something like “have the electrician verify that the GE breaker is compatable with this box when repairing the other items listed”.

I will speak for Myself, Greg, Speedy ( Peter), Joe T, Brian and all good electricians nationwide in saying I resent that remark…lol

How about a redo to : " Some Jackleg, Lazy and good for nothing wanna be Electricians will use anything they happen to have on the truck, but not the electricians that come onto this message board…they RULE "

yeah…I like that version better

You GE Breaker will fit in : American Switch, Arrow Hart, Challenger ( Sylvania ) ,General Electric( Full Size Only ), General Switch, Murray ( Crouse Hinds ), Siemens (ITE,GOULD) and Westinghouse…

BUT again very important is that the panel MUST allow for this…just because it fits TECHNICALLY does not make it meet the listing and labeling instructions…so check the panel instructions and it will either way…

  • You should only use (BLAH ) manufactuere in this enclosure

or it may say…

  • Use of any other manufacture will void the manufacturers warranty

my opinion is this is a hard call…really will cause a possible stink so do the following…

1.) Verify is fits properly
2.) Verify it correctly fits the panel cover knockout, If it does not fit it correctly thats a concern adn write that up…
3.) Verify the panel door will close properly
4.) In the possible missing panel label…err on the side of the above 3 and it should be fine.

see…Thomas and Betts makes breakers as well that are classified to be in Crouse Hinds, Murray, GE and other panelboards so it is VERY hard for you to make the call on that…unless you know all the makers and can actually see the labels as in the case of the T & B ones…it is on the side of the breaker…hard to see once it is installed…

Hope this helps

Appoligies to those of you good ‘sparkies’ who may be offended.

Unfortunately, the bad apples make the rest of the apples in the crate look bad also. You have to sift through to find the good ones.

lol…Same could be said about Home Inspectors…lol…but we all know the ones on here are the BEST…:slight_smile:

GE was very smart when they designed their breakers and panels. Their breakers would fit everyone elses panel, but no one elses breaker would fit their panel.

If you notice, most times when a non GE breaker is forced into a GE panel, the raised part does not line up with the deadfront cutout.

As far as using whats on the truck, I carry over $2,000 just in circuit breakers on my truck. I ALWAYS have the right one. And every time anything gets used, it goes into my PDA and gets replaced at the next parts house reload, which happens at least twice a week.

Before I went into business for myself I worked for some guys who never carried anything on the truck, and some who did but didn’t have a clue where it was. I guess I learned what NOT to do from them. Being well equipped makes it so much more profitable without all the wasted time etc. Here are some photos of my truck if anyone is interested.

(the 2K in breakers are on the top left in the gray bins from that first pillar to the cab)

Brian…if only MY guys would LEARN for your pictures…wish we had those tall boy trucks also…we have mini-vans…cramped at BEST !

Dang! Does this mean I have to change my GE breakers now in my Crouse-Hinds panel?

I have one with GE breakers…:oops::wink:

The truck looks great. Good thing you don’t have to drive on Michigan roads, or all that neatly stacked stuff would be on the floor!