Gen. liability insurance.

I need general liability insurance without E&O. My inspection business is in Florida. I need the insurance for wind mitigation inspections through My Safe Florida. It seems like the companies that will insure H.I.'s will not provide G.L. without including E&O.

Allen Ins. will sell me a G.L. policy but they are not approved for My Safe Florida.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recocmendations.


Call a local insurance BROKER. Not one that is affiliated with any one particular insurance agency. They can shop different companies for you, and write a GL policy with one of thier companies. That’s what I did, and I got a great deal, on just what I needed. (Of course I couldn’t care less about My Safe Florida approving it or not. :))

It might be easier to just contact My Safe Florida to see what companies are approved by them. Then call them.


I think Erie Insurance will do it.
I had them before.

I have a seperate GL policy with Pekin Insurance. Around $300 for $1mil. It also covers my IR and all my other equipment. Got it through a local broker.

Got mine with Nationwide, 1mil coverage and covers all equipment for $300/yr.

Thanks to those that responded.

Just bought mine today for the same reason. $500,000/$1 millon without the E & O. $832.00 Atlantic Casuality.