General Liability Insurance Question

Does anyone know of a National Insurance company that provides just General Liability insurance to home inspectors WITHOUT requiring E&O.

In order to obtain a professional license in Alaska, the State requires GL of not less than $20,000/50,000/100,000. I have been told by 4 insurers so far, that it’s a combo deal, or no deal!?

Thanks, Travis

I use The Hartford for my GL. I don’t know if they require
E&O also because here in AZ we are required to have it
or a Bond. Doesn’t hurt to give them a call.

Nationwide offers business GL without E&O.

Thanks Jeffrey and Michael…Unfortunately neither Nationwide nor The Hartford offer policies in Alaska. Anybody else have any ideas?

“The Last Frontier” is also the last place anyone wants to do business!


Maybe this will help you find info…


Travis -

Where I live (the Midwest), almost 80% of the inspectors I know get their GENERAL LIABILITY insurance from whoever sells them their car, home, etc insurance. ALMOST all of them sell it.

I’m with Hartford for 16 years. Some of the E&O Carriers try to PUSH GL on you, BUT in 21 years of carrying E&O with various carriers I’ve NEVER had one tell me that I had to do both to do business with them.

I’ve been with Marion Allen; BPR; Target, FREA, OREP and others.

Suggest you call a little further.

The first agent I called was mine…State Farm stopped writing GL for home inspectors 9/2009 because of Chinese Drywall!? Seriously! Hold on to your current policy because its going to get ugly!

I called EVERY major carrier…Allstate, Farmers, AmFam, The Hartford, Nationwide, Liberty, 20+ brokers and more! One problem is, of the ones that do write “stand alone” GL, they don’t write it in Alaska.

Dan, I think you misunderstood my original post… I’m looking for GL without E&O. Everyone is willing to sell E&O by itself, that not the problem! I don’t want E&O! Again, I spent 7 hours today on this not little issue and here’s where it stands…This is the response that all most all of them gave me;

*"Hello Travis,

The reason that companies don’t want to provide General Liability without E&O is that they could be drawn into a lawsuit that normally would be and E&O matter. The main exposure for inspection service is E&O; GL exposure is almost zero. The situation would much be like a doctor who has General Liability coverage for his office but no malpractice insurance. What the State of Alaska requires and what underwriters are willing to take on are two completely different things. In my judgment the state requirement is very inadequate and sets up a company to be licensed but uninsured when it comes to the main service the company provides.

Hope this helps,

Michael Lehman
Select Account Executive
AlaskaUSA Insurance Brokers"*
On the bright side, I have two companies looking into it and one broker said the following;

*"I have an underwriter that will entertain / exclude the E&O, If you would like to discuss please give me a call. *
*Thank you,

John Wynne
Alaska Service Agency"*
Throw some luck my way if you’ve got any extra…Thanks again for the help!

Travis -

I started out life as an Insurance Agent. I know exactly what you were saying. I’ve known MANY guys over the years that DID carry GL but DID NOT carry E & O including me at times.

I have NEVER had GL and errors & ommissions with the same carrier, and at various times over the years I have dropped E&O for 1-2 years at a time. BUT have always had GL.