General Contractors books

Does anybody have a complete tabbed set of General Contractor books that they would be willing to sell? Must be current books. I don’t care if they are new or used. Preferably used to cut down the cost. Thank you, Daryl

Does anyone have a set of the General Contractors books that they would like to sell. Got to be current. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Try craigs list ? might work.

All the books you would need to study and take the Florida General Contractor test. Used but in mint condition. Even includes some practice test for accounting. Important information for the test has been highlighted for you in the books to help you out. great deal buying them all together. More expensive to purchase books individually. List of books: Energy Efficient building Construction in Florida, Application and finishing of Gypsum panel production, Florida Building Code 2010 building, Florida Building Code 2010 Residential, Florida Building Code Energy Conservation, Florida Building Code 2010 Accessibility, Florida Building Code 2010 Existing Building, Florida FCM Contractors Manual, Placing reinforcing bars, walker’s Building Estimator’s reference book, Builders Guide to Accounting, Principles and practices of commercial Construction, BCSI- Building Component Safety Information, and Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures