book recommendations

Just wondering if there are any books that could be recommended
to have on hand to supplement this excellent web site.
As a 49 year old newbie, it’s hard to carry all this info around in my
dwindling wet ware…


Hi Tim

I’d recomend that you pick up a copy of the “Codecheck” series, most of us have at least the general Codecheck building edition if not the full set.

You can probably get it/them at a local Lowes or Home Depot.



I agree with Gerry on the Code Check series.

Two books that I bought that proved to be worth every penny if it had been twice as much:

  1. Electrical Inspection of Exisiting Dwellings by Doug Hansen, Redwood Kardon and Mike Casey

The reason this is so good is that it comes from the same people who wrote the Code Check book on Electrical but it also is chock full of the very things you will see in the field, not the pretty stuff you see in the all the books on the rack on how things are “supposed to look”. Real world problems and all the crap people do when they try to be their own electricians. It used to be available from ITA for about $50 but I do not know where you can get it today. Try Amazon first for a good used copy.

  1. The second book I recommend is "Inspecting a House" by Rex Cauldwell. this is “For Pros by Pros” book they used to sell in Home Depot. Haven’t seen on there in a long time. It is a Taunton Press book, ISBN is 1-56158-462-2 (2001). Should still be available but you may have to look for it on line. It was $25 then, could be more now. Worth every dime.

I have mucho denaro tied up in books, videos, DVDs, etc. but these will get you started and covers most anything you will see.

Thanks, Gerry. I’ll pick them up.


Great, thanks, Doug.


You are welcome. I just looked on Amazon. The Inspecting a house book can be had for less than $4 for one in like new condiition. I may buy another one to keep in the truck. The other one is out of print so you may have to scrounge around to find one but worth it. Here is an address and phone # from the inside jacket cover:

2175 Bowdoin St.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

The JLC Guide to Moisture Control.

The National Electric Code Handbook, Twenty-fifth Edition, McGraw/Hill

Howdy Tim, A subscription to the JLC… Journal of Light Constrution… is a great resource to have. I think it is around $40 , check out

Tom :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto the JLC Guide to Moisture Control. Also check out the JLC Field Guide.

The IRC code book that you locality uses.,C,I-C-09,C-R-09&stateInfo=ibGKczuadbillovU1988|12

The other recommendations are excellent by the way, you can not have too much reference material.

Journal of light construction is great.
They also wrote my favorite.
Troubleshooting Guide
to residential construction. (published by hanley-wood)

My favorites
“Guerrilla Marketing,” by Jay Contrad Levinson

Thanks, all!


The Illustrated Home.

It’s all pictures. :mrgreen:

Hop this helps;

Residential & Light Construction Standards - Means

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines - NAHB

Portland Cement Plaster Stucco Resource Guide

Practical Electricity - Audel

Fine homebuilding is another one I like

The Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling by Charlie Wing

This book is the best resource on systems that I’ve ever seen.

Between a rock and a hard place" by Tony Evans

Which one are you calling the general book?