Used Florida General Contractor books

If anyone has recently taken the Florida Certified General Contractors Exam and wants to sell the reference books and material, I am in the market. I am looking to upgrade my license status and prefer not to spend the $1000 on new books. The books need to be the correct edition. Post a reply.

Thanks in advance

What are you upgrading to and from? Sorry but mine are likely not up to date anymore.

Good luck it is a b i t c h.

Please update your info so we know where you are from and what areas you cover.

P.S. Post this request in the Florida section for a better response :slight_smile:


I have the FLORIDA General Contractor (GC) License Book Package Brand New Available for Sale, the complete package RETAIL PRICE is around $2,050.

The set that i have is BRAND NEW (much better price), if you are interested, please contact me ASAP

Thank you

hi how m,uch for the set

All the books you would need to study and take the Florida General Contractor test. Used but in mint condition. Even includes some practice test for accounting. Important information for the test has been highlighted for you in the books to help you out. great deal buying them all together. More expensive to purchase books individually. List of books: Energy Efficient building Construction in Florida, Application and finishing of Gypsum panel production, Florida Building Code 2010 building, Florida Building Code 2010 Residential, Florida Building Code Energy Conservation, Florida Building Code 2010 Accessibility, Florida Building Code 2010 Existing Building, Florida FCM Contractors Manual, Placing reinforcing bars, walker’s Building Estimator’s reference book, Builders Guide to Accounting, Principles and practices of commercial Construction, BCSI- Building Component Safety Information, and Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures

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Im selling all my books for 1200.00 of upper intetested. Please let me know.

I have a like new set for $750.
Half of what I paid

Will he have to pay the librarian some $ to access the books? LOL

Not sure what that means.

I have physical books and yes, priced very low for quick sale.

It is a joke because we’ve had some scammers on our forum selling things.

I’m interested in your books if they’re still available.

Welcome to our forum, Tamara!..where there are no stupid questions…enjoy! :smile:

Hey I realizethis might be a little bit late but are you still in need of the books?

Do you still have the books for sale?

Do you still have the books for sale?

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Did you find books for the exam?

Yes see pics attached . I have more than shown but all tabbed kept in airtight storage . only lets me upload 1 pic but i have florida building cose 2010 building chapters 1 thru 36 ,Florida building code 2010 residential chapters 1 through 44, exam prep, accessibility, rtc. Bought he entire set.

yes see post below.